Beautiful Piedmont Park in Atlanta, Georgia

Piedmont Park pic
Piedmont Park

Samuel Brice Hall serves as director of investor relations with Piedmont Private Equity in Atlanta, Georgia. Outside of work, Samuel Brice Hall enjoys exercising at the historic Piedmont Park.

Piedmont Park is the premier green space and gathering place in Atlanta. In addition to offering residents a respite from busy city life, the popular park features walking trails, picnic areas, playgrounds, tennis courts, a public swimming pool, and a dog park.

The land that is now Piedmont Park was originally forestland purchased by Samuel and Sarah Walker for their homestead. The land passed through the hands of several owners and was finally sold to the city of Atlanta in 1904. In 1909, city planners hired the famous Olmsted Brothers, sons of legendary landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted, to create a master plan for the park. Due to budget restraints, the city didn’t implement all the elements of the master plan, but the Olmsted-designed plan continued to strongly influence future development of the park.

Over the years, the number of visitors to the park has increased dramatically as Piedmont Park became the venue of choice for several popular festivals and events. Currently, events such as the Dogwood Festival, the Arts Festival of Atlanta, and numerous musical performances take place at the park.

The nonprofit Piedmont Park Conservancy was formed by a group of concerned citizens in 1989 to help bring much-needed revitalization to the historic park. More than $60 million has been invested and raised to complete renovations and to fund maintenance and security staff. In addition, the Piedmont Park Conservancy offers a variety of educational programs at the Community Center. The conservancy works diligently to encourage community involvement at the park.


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