Southeastern Trust for Parks and Land Receives Accreditation


Southeastern Trust for Parks and Land pic
Southeastern Trust for Parks and Land

As director of investor relations for Piedmont Private Equity, LLC, in Atlanta, Georgia, Samuel Brice Hall manages conservation strategy and tax litigation groups at the firm. When not in the office, Samuel Brice Hall enjoys staying active and exercises in Piedmont Park. He also stays involved with the Southeastern Trust for Parks and Land (STPL).

A nonprofit organization based in Cobb County, Georgia, the STPL seeks to preserve undeveloped land in the area. Founded in 2012, it utilizes conservation endowment funds, grants, and financial donations to fulfill its mission. Since it began, it has taken ownership of more than 9,000 acres of natural land in Georgia, Tennessee, and North Carolina.

In February 2016, the STPL announced that it achieved accreditation from the Land Trust Accreditation Commission. This commission is an independent program that is part of the Land Trust Alliance, which saves areas of American land conservation. This mark of honor in land conservation demonstrates the STPL’s commitment to land preservation. It was among 37 U.S. land trusts that achieved accreditation or had their accreditation renewed in February. As a result, STPL now belongs with 342 other land trusts to have received accreditation. In order to achieve this honor, land trusts must fulfill documentation requirements and adhere to a comprehensive review.


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