Federal Tax Incentives for Donations of Conservation Easements

Piedmont Private Equity pic
Piedmont Private Equity
Image: piedmontequity.com

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Samuel Brice Hall holds senior leadership responsibilities with Piedmont Private Equity and oversees investor relations. Samuel Brice Hall has extensive experience in areas such as real estate development and the donation of conservation-eligible land.

The donation of a conservation easement can be a win-win for many landowners who are seeking to preserve the natural, historic, or agricultural heritage of their land. Federal tax incentives recognize the significant financial impact that a donation can have, as the owner is relinquishing some rights to an asset that could generate income. For example, a conservation easement might allow a landowner to continue farming the land, but prohibit the construction of additional buildings.

Incentives for conservation easement donations were bolstered in 2015, when the U.S. Congress set in place enhanced measures that increased the tax deduction for such donations. Overall, conservation easements offer an ideal way of protecting land, while providing significant tax benefits.


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